Warmhouse is a dynamic British company that designs and manufactures Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) since 2016. Warmhouse provides highly reliable and safe products for competitive prices with modern and professional workshops, as the company meets needs of the customers who search for electronic controls at the highest standard.

Warmhouse performed constant growth since it was founded by focusing on gas burning appliance electronics. Gas burning appliance electronics need high safety and reliability standards to design hardware and software components properly. Additionally, the PCB production for gas burning appliances demands the authorization of special notified bodies. The company is well capable to design and manufacture gas burning appliance control electronics with its experienced team. Apart from combi gas boilers and instantaneous gas water heaters, the company is also able to offer electronic control mechanisms for other HVAC appliances: electrical storage water heaters, air curtains, solar energy systems, solid fuel burners and heat pumps. Currently, the company designs and produces 19 different PCB brands.